Los Vietnamita

Food lovers are always looking for the next big thing - look no further because Los Vietnamita will be sure to tantalize those taste buds at #TOFoodFest2016!

Los Vietnamita will be making their debut at the food festival this year. Having the flare of Vietnamese Mexican fusion, this mouthwatering sample menu will keep you coming back for more!


On the menu, Los Vietnamita will be showcasing a Latin Spiced Lemongrass Chicken Banh Mi taco, also a Pork Carnita version that is braised in sweet soy and spices topped with a “Secret Latin Sauce with a kick” - you do NOT want to miss this!


Both Banh Mi tacos will be served in a soft flaky taco shell that’s guaranteed to melt in your mouth! They will also feature a nacho dish with their own unique twist!

So be sure to come visit them at #TOFoodFest2016 and don't miss out on this next BIG thing!