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FeasTO is the food baby of dream duo Cameron and Ada, the first Canadian food truck to serve dumplings. What started as a hobby back in 2012, where they first appeared at the Toronto Underground Market as a pop-up, has now become a full-fledged dumpling dream on wheels. For the next couple of years, while also juggling their day jobs, they won over crowds at various events as a pop-up. Then in the summer of 2014, feasTO won the Food Network’s ‘Food Truck Face Off’, where they won their very own customized food truck. FeasTO also won the AwesTRUCK food truck festival award in 2015 for best concept, as voted by the public. Since then, the plucky pair have quit their full-time jobs and are now pursuing their passions, dreaming of dumplings and serving up smiles.

With Ada’s record 15 second per potsticker, feasTO offers non-traditional dumplings alongside other Asian fusion dishes such as banh mi sandwiches and baos. This year, TOFoodFest goers must try feasTO’s pho beef, OG pork and bok choi and sweet and sour chicken dumplings.

 Pho Beef Dumpling Photo courtesy of   @pantryno7   on Instagram

Pho Beef Dumpling
Photo courtesy of @pantryno7 on Instagram

The pho beef dumpling is a perfect representation of feasTO’s style, blending tradition with non-traditional flavours. It encompasses all the flavours of a large bowl of pho into a little dumpling, combining Vietnamese flavours with Chinese tradition.

Another popular dish is OG pork and bok choi dumpling, which is a more old-school taste (As the name states, it really is the true OG, as the recipe belongs to Ada’s mother). These little guys are pan-fried to perfection, making them soft, chewy and juicy, all that a dumpling dream should be.

The sweet and sour chicken dumplings are also a fun take on a popular Chinese dish and are a must-try at the TOFoodFest.

Pair these dumplings with feasTO’s chilled ramen or Chinatown slaw (The latter is a crisp and refreshing Asian version of coleslaw), and you will have the perfect summer time lunch.

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