Fancy Franks Gourmet Hot Dogs

Blog Post by Elain Ly

Everyone knows that when you’re really feeling for some good hot D, you go to Fancy Franks (for hot dogs, of course!). Fancy Franks has elevated the classic street meat experience to a fancier fare, offering gourmet toppings and combinations. The restaurant first debuted in 2012, following the trend of gourmet hot dogs that was sweeping across the States. Their hot dogs are no ordinary street meat and are everything a hot dog should be: they use local ingredients and are 100% shoulder-cut beef, never frozen, hand-twisted in an all-natural lamb casing which gives the meat a ‘snap’ when eaten.

Fancy Franks encapsulates the childhood carnival fantasy in their food, also offering milkshakes, ice-cream, and mini donuts! For the less adventurous, they do offer a Plain Ol’ Frank (we won’t judge 😉) 

Their menu ranges from their Franks Coney Island (chili, chopped onions, mustard) to Franks Got Seoul (Korean beef ribs, kimchi, sesame seeds, scallions) to Fancy PB&J (exactly as the name says). For the pretentious eaters, the restaurant also offers Franko Fancy-Anno that has wrapped prosciutto, reggiano cheese, arugula, and balsamic dijon mustard (I can’t even pronounce reggiano, because it’s that fancy).

My personal favourite would be getting the Frankie Goes To Buffalo, which has chicken bacon, celery, carrots, blue cheese dressing and buffalo wing sauce on a panko fried sausage. The crumbly texture of the panko is what makes this hot dog really stand out compared to a regular hot dog. Then I would wash it down with a strawberry milkshake and finish my meal off with their lemon curd and powdered sugar mini donuts.

Frankie Goes To Buffalo

You’re probably all thinking, “Isn’t that a little too much for a hot dog?”. No, it is never too much for a hot dog. Or should I say, haute dog #punny. 

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Fancy Franks also serves poutine!