BBQ Squid BBQ Lamb

Blog Post by David Liu

We are pleased to announce that BBQ Squid and BBQ Lamb will be making an appearance again at TO Food Fest this year!

With over 8 years of extensive experience BBQ-ing those tender and delicate meats on the streets of China, they joined the Toronto food scene in 2010 and became stars of summer food festivals ever since.

Image courtesy of BBQ Squid BBQ Lamb

What gives meat their delicious, juicy flavor? The sauce of course! Their special homemade sauce won the 2015 Taste of Asia award for best Hot Sauce, it brings out the tenderness in the lamb and squid, which is cooked to perfection on the grill.

Be sure to contact them to be at your next corporate event and party to feature the most delicious BBQ skewers at your next big event! They can really spice things up ;)

Don’t miss out on this traditional Asian street food – coming to you on July 9-10, only at #TOFoodFest2016!